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Be Warned About Dehydration Among the Elderly

Be Warned About Dehydration Among the Elderly

Dehydration is a serious condition that can affect people of all ages. But its consequences may be graver for the elderly. Apart from the fact that seniors have more risk factors for becoming dehydrated, they are the ones who are more prone to forget the importance of frequent hydration. But of course, dehydration can be prevented easily and it first starts with awareness. Seniors must know that lack of fluids can lead to a lot of health problems or worsen their existing medical conditions. If you are worried about their ability to remember taking enough fluids, you or a professional provider of senior assistance and veterans care can help them monitor their water intake.

Water is very essential for one’s temperature regulation, waste elimination, joint lubrication, delivery of nutrients to the cells of the body, blood oxygen circulation, skin hydration, and cognitive function. While the body naturally makes up for water loss by signaling our brain to satisfy our thirst, maintaining the right amount of water in us can be a little tricky. For some of us who are not used to drinking plenty of water, our electrolytes start to get depleted and this can affect our heartbeats, muscle contraction, and other body functions. Imagine all of this happening to a senior. This can have greater negative effects for them. They can easily get dizzy, confused, have increased heart rate, muscle cramps, headaches, and even faint when not addressed immediately. Thus, for seniors living alone, our veteran senior care in Jupiter, Florida may be necessary for preventing their dehydration.

So, when your elderly loved one seems dehydrated, give him or her a glass of water right away. But if his or her symptoms don’t improve, it is suggested that you call 911. To be safe, you can contact us at Harborside HomeCare, Inc., we provide senior home care in Palm Beach, Florida.

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